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The 7 Best Websites to Find Cheap Airplane Tickets

The 7 Best Websites to Find Cheap Airplane Tickets

Are you searching for cheap flights for your next vacation? I’ve compiled a list of the 9 best websites to find cheap plane tickets so you can go on an amazing vacation but also save some money while you do so!

Keep reading to find out which ones I love using when I’m planning my next vacation! 

1. Google Flights

Google Flights is an awesome tool that you can use to compare prices of flights happening on the days that you plan to fly! You simply put in where you are coming from, where you’re going, if you want it to show round-trip pricing, if you want to fly economy, all of that good stuff. 

After you enter everything in, it gives you a list of flights with the best prices, the airline, if it’s nonstop, the time of the flight and the price!

The only downside to using this great tool is that you cannot book directly from it. You would have to go to another website such as the airline or another travel agency I tell you about in this list! 

2. Kayak

Kayak is another great tool you can use to find and book cheap flights!

Along with entering your travel plans, such as what days you want to fly and to where you can also set up alerts to find out when prices change on the flights you’re interested in.

You can also book car rentals and hotels here. It’s a one-stop-shop for booking.

They also frequently have deals on their website for you to check out. Whether you are looking for vacation inspiration or are looking for a deal on a car rental, they offer a lot!


3. Momondo

Momondo is similar to Google Flights in that you can find cheap flights for your upcoming trips and that you can’t book through the site.

One of my favorite things to do on Momondo is to enter my travel budget and see where I can go!

This is so fun when I’m trying to find travel inspiration or am not sure where I want to go on my next vacation.

They also give you ideas for places to go and the price range, such as “Stargazing Hotspots”, “Romantic Escapes”, “Family-Friendly Destinations”, etc.

If you’re looking for cheap flights or just some travel inspiration, check out this website!

4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is another great place to look for cheap flights!

Like all the other websites I’ve mentioned, you enter your vacation information, such as where you are flying out of, where you want to go (or select anywhere to get some travel ideas) and then you are given a large list of flights.

They give you the cheapest first and all of the details you would need in order to decide if you want to take the flight!

Once you select the flight you want, it will take you to another page where you choose which booking agency you want to book the flight through.

As well as different prices it would be to book through each of the different travel agencies. You can also set up alerts about price changes on flights that you are looking for too!

5. Expedia

Expedia is another wonderful place to find cheap plane tickets. It’s a website I frequently will book my flights through because I usually find really good deals!

They also offer deals on travel packages as well as popular destinations you can browse for hotels, sightseeing ideas, what the weather is like, and other information.

You can also search for things to do on your vacation, book event tickets, as well as book cars, hotels, cruises, etc. along with your flight!

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6. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is another trusted booking sight you can use to find and book cheap flights to your next vacation destination!

Not only do they include finding you cheap airfare, but they also find you deals on hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation rentals, restaurants to check out, and popular things to do at your destination!

I love that they offer a variety of things to check out, book, and is a great place to look for travel inspiration!

7. Kiwi

Kiwi is a booking site where you can find cheap flights. Like other sites, you enter all of the information about your trip, and it gives you a list of the cheapest flights.

They also provide travel inspiration and tell you popular travel destinations people are booking.

What is awesome about this site you can also book other ways you plan to travel during or to your destination. Such as if you want to find a deal on booking a bus or train ticket as well! 

Those are the 9 best websites to use when you are looking for cheap plane tickets for your next vacation! Which one is your favorite to use? Let me know down below! Happy travels!

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