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13 Brilliant Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

13 Brilliant Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

Are you stuck at the airport? Or you know you will be during an upcoming trip?

Maybe you missed your flight, or it got canceled, or you have a long layover. Whatever the reason, being stuck in an airport can honestly suck. 

That’s why I’m going to share with you 13 brilliant ways to kill time at the airport! If you’re bored at the airport and need ideas to keep yourself entertained, you’ve come to the right place!

Now, not every airport has the same amenities and perks, but a lot of them have stuff you wouldn’t think to check out or do, which is perfect when you’re trying to have fun or kill time!

So, let’s get into it! 

1. Make a Call

Go somewhere quiet and call a family member or a friend. I don’t know about you but I could spend about an hour or more talking to my mom or my grandma.

I’m a bit of a chatterbox, so I love calling my friends and family to check in on them and see how they have been! This can be a great way to make your time at the airport go by a lot quicker!

2. Find a Place to Practice Yoga or Stretch

I’m not suggesting you should take off your shoes and start doing yoga in the middle of the airport. If that’s your thing though, you do you! But, what’s even better than doing yoga in the middle of the airport is practicing in a small studio space in the airport!

Some airports have yoga studios where you can go for free and relax and stretch. You could even play a yoga class on your phone and follow along!

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3. Explore

Kill some time by walking around the entire airport. You get to see the other areas of the airport you probably wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. You might even find something cool!

A lot of airports have mini-museum areas that have displays and/or art. It can be a fun way to stay entertained, as well as stretch your legs and get a little bit of exercise.

4. Exercise

Speaking of exercising, some airports have small gyms in them where you can go workout! They range from a full-service gym to a room with a few pieces of equipment.

But, if you are bored and enjoy working out, check online to see if your airport has a gym where you can spend some time and feel amazing after! 

5. Check online for events

It might not be super obvious if you aren’t looking for signs of advertising events, but airports sometimes have events that you can partake in!

In Denver, for example, they like to bring in art and performers. And in the winter they have free ice skating for anyone and everyone!

So be sure to check out the airport’s website that you’re stuck at and see if they have anything fun going on!

6. Read a Book

If you forgot to bring a book with you, you can find a book that might interest you in the airport store. They usually carry books that are popular at the moment and have a wide range of different genres of books.

You’ll probably find one that interests you that you can read during your wait at the airport. I personally LOVE getting lost in books, it really makes time fly!

7. Grab a Drink

Most airports have bars, but try and find one that’s a local restaurant or a local brewery where you can get a drink that’s popular in that area of the world the airport is in!

I think this is a fun way to try new drinks, even if you are stuck in your local airport!

Just don’t drink too much before your flight because being hungover and/or dehydrated is just not fun when you’re flying, but you can definitely kill some time trying a new drink!

8. Meditate

Have you ever tried meditating? If you have, you probably know how fast time can pass and how relaxing you feel after!

If you haven’t, I highly encourage you to give it a try! Meditating is a great way to help you feel relaxed as well as make your airport wait to go by quicker!

Just pop in your headphones, shut your eyes and listen to some guided meditation.

There are guided meditation podcasts you can try, otherwise I usually just go onto YouTube and look up guided meditation, and I always find ones I really enjoy! 

9. Learn a new language

I love Duolingo for learning new languages. It’s free, it’s helpful, and it’s fun!

Duolingo also has an app that you can download to your phone and practice when you’re stuck in an airport!

So, if you have ever wanted to learn a new language, take advantage of the extra time you have and start learning while at the airport! 

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10. Work 

If you tend to procrastinate, having time to kill in the airport is the perfect excuse to sit down and get some work done!

You can think of it as extra time put in your day to finish that thing you’ve been meaning to get done.

I try to look at the extra time I have to spend at the airport as an opportunity to get some work done so I don’t have to do it later!

So, if you’ve been putting something off (maybe it’s starting to write a book or learning a new skill) and you can do it from your computer in the airport, try using your extra time to get it accomplished!

11. Watch a movie 

If you’re bored and have your computer or phone with you, pull up Netflix, Hulu, or whatever streaming service you use, and enjoy a movie!

Whenever I watch movies when I’m traveling, I feel like I blink and two hours have passed! This can be another great way to enjoy the time you have to spend at the airport as well as make it go by quicker! 

12. Get a massage

Lots of airports have spas and mini express spas that offer massages that can help you feel relaxed and happy!

So, if you are feeling a little tense or just feel like treating yourself, find a spa and get yourself a little massage! 

13. Relax in an airport lounge

Most airports have a few different airport lounges that not everyone can access for free.

Different credit card companies if you are a cardholder will let you in for free, otherwise, you can buy a day pass!

They usually have free drinks, free food, a relaxed atmosphere, and the lounges are not usually crowded. You’ll have space where you can chill, get work down, charge your devices, or just hang out! 

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I hope you find this list helpful when you’re stuck and need to kill time in an airport!

It can be annoying and frustrating when you have a long time that you’re sitting in an airport, so try some things on this list and try to make the most of it! 

Be sure to save this article, pin it, and share it so you can come back and read it next time you’re stuck in an airport and need to kill time! 

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