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The Best Tips You Need to Know Before Going on a Long Flight

The Best Tips You Need to Know Before Going on a Long Flight

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere far but were hesitant because the flight to get there would be several hours? Sitting on a plane for more than 5 hours is tough. But once you get to your destination, it’s all worth it.

So, I’ve composed a list of tips for how you can best prepare for a long flight and fly stress-free, comfortably, and have the best experience possible getting to your destination!

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Wear Something Comfy

This is my first tip because I think it might just be the most important! Nothing is worse than sitting for several hours in a pair of tight pants that push on your stomach or an uncomfortable bra no matter how cute you look.

You know what is most comfy for you, so wear that! It doesn’t have to be sweats! Maybe it’s leggings and a big t-shirt, or workout clothes a.k.a. athleisure!

When dressing comfy for your long flight, also bring layers, you never know if you are going to get hot or cold on the plane, and that can be rough if your flight is several hours long.  

Bring Your Own Snacks/Food

Most long flights will feed you a meal or two. When I traveled to Europe from Colorado, a 9-hour flight, we were served two meals on the flight.

The meals were okay. If you are a picky eater you may want to consider bringing your own meals, but the food isn’t that bad! Check before you travel if your flight will be serving meals to plan accordingly.

If your flight does serve you meals, still bring a bag of snacks. Nothing is worse than being stuck in one spot and being hungry.

You don’t want to be sitting there with your stomach grumbling loudly and the people around you giving you the side eye! Whenever you travel, but especially on long flights, make sure you’re prepared and have snacks to munch on!

Get Some Sleep

I’ve found that the best thing to do on a long flight is to sleep. You may have the idea to get some work done while on the flight, read a book, etc.

Which you can totally do! However, sleeping for most of the time on the plane will help prevent jet lag and ultimately make the flight seem significantly shorter!

Bring a Neck Pillow and Eyeshade

That brings me to my next tip of bringing a neck pillow and eyeshade! They are perfect in helping you fall asleep! The neck pillow can also create some relief if your neck or shoulders are getting sore from sitting for so long.

Also, the eyeshade may come in handy if you don’t want to sleep but just want a little “alone” time.

You’re in a metal tube flying through the hair with hundreds of strangers, after a few hours it can possibly get a little irritating. Wearing your eye mask will help shut out the world around you and give yourself a little space and “me” time!

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Make Sure You Have Earbuds

Nothing makes a flight go by slower than not being able to listen to your music or podcasts! Triple-check before you go to the airport that you packed your earbuds.

You might get lucky and the airline might give you a pair of plastic earbuds, but your ears will probably hurt after a while from them. One of the best ways to survive your long flight: bringing your earbuds!

Don’t Wear Makeup

Being at a higher altitude can do some damage to your skin.

Basically, a few things happen when you are in the air that is not amazing for your skin. One big thing that happens is your skin is no longer exposed to very much moisture and can result in becoming pretty dry.

Your skin can either stay dry or, like mine, get oily to make up for the fact that it is no longer getting moisture from the air.

I highly recommend wearing minimal or no makeup on a plane to avoid your skin breaking out before you get to your vacation!

I also typically bring a face lotion, moisturizing serum, or just a cleansing wipe to use mid-flight to keep my skin hydrated and happy!

Bring a Clean Pair of Clothes

You will thank yourself for this one when you get there! Unless you are going straight to your hotel when you get to your destination to go to sleep, definitely bring a change of clothes with you!

Sometimes you can’t check in to your hotel room at the time you thought, or you spilled your drink mid-flight, you name it! Life happens!

It’s always best to be prepared and even if your clothes are still good as new when you get off the flight, it might just feel nice to put on a new pair after you’ve been sitting on a plane for several hours!

Bring a Phone Charger

Bring a phone charger with you on the plane. Chances are high that there will be a spot where you can charge your phone on the plane.

If not, make sure you bring a charging bank so your phone isn’t dead when you land and need to call a taxi or Uber!

Long flights can be tough, however, follow my tips to prepare for a long flight and you’ll have a pretty good experience getting to your destination! Also, pin this for later!

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