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10 Brilliant Tips to Stop Overpacking for Vacation That You Need to Know

10 Brilliant Tips to Stop Overpacking for Vacation That You Need to Know

Do you tend to overpack when you travel on vacation? I definitely do! I am worried I won’t bring something I really need or really want to wear on my vacation, so I tend to pack lots of things I don’t even end up using! It’s such a pain! 

I’ve started to make more of an effort to pack lighter and I never feel like I am missing something or wish I brought something I didn’t. If you use my tips and you’ll be able to do that too!

So, if you’re like me and need to stop overpacking, keep reading for my best tips on how to stop overpacking your suitcase!

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1. Plan out Your Outfits Ahead of Time

Seriously, this tip is such a lifesaver! Whenever I actually take the time to plan out my outfits and I’m not just throwing stuff in my suitcase last minute, I end up bringing a significantly less amount of stuff!

I plan out what I want to wear ahead of time for each day of my trip and it has helped tremendously with not overpacking!

2. Take Things You Can Wear More Than Once

Bring clothes like a cardigan or a cute tank top that you can wear during the day and out at night for dinner! Pack more of your versatile pieces to save on room!

3. Bring Travel Laundry Detergent

Bring with you a travel size amount of laundry detergent, like this one, so you can wash your clothes throughout your trip!

If you’re going for more than a few days, I would highly recommend doing this and cleaning your clothes in a sink so you can re-wear them throughout your trip! I always do this and never have any regrets.

4. Bring Only 3 Pairs of Shoes

Shoes can take up a lot of space and add a lot of weight in your suitcase. Bring 3, one to work out/walk-in, a pair for casual day activities, and one to wear out during the evening!

Bringing a bunch of shoes can be a big waste of space in your bag, so make sure you’re bringing shoes that will go with your outfits and you’ll be so happy you did! 

5. Make a Checklist

Before I even start grabbing my things to pack, I make a checklist of how many pairs of pants I need, how many tops, what I need for my preplanned outfits, my toiletries, etc.

That way I can keep myself organized and when I stick to my list, I don’t grab anything I won’t need or wear!

6. Use Packing Organizers

Packing organizers, like these ones, are a great way to keep yourself organized and fit everything nicely into your suitcase! If it won’t fit in your organizer, don’t take it!! I seriously love using these whenever I’m packing!

7. Pack More Tops Than Bottoms

Another trick I use is to pack more tops than bottoms. I feel like bottoms are a lot more versatile, so I usually only bring one pair of pants/jeans, a pair or two of shorts, and a bunch of shirts!

Keep your pants neutral and bring shirts you can wear the pants you pack with. This way you don’t have to overpack a bunch of pants you probably won’t even wear! 

8. “Just in Case”

If you are packing something with the mindset that you should pack it just in case you’ll need it on vacation, don’t pack it! like a bunch of eyeshadow pallets or your floppy hat, don’t bring it!

If you aren’t sure if you’re going to use it on vacation but that you might just buy it on vacation if you end up needing it! That way you don’t overpack, most of the time when you bring something “just in case” you are unlikely to ever use it!

9. Give Yourself a Limit

If you are going on a trip that’s longer than a few days, give yourself a limit of packing one outfit for every two days. Setting a limit and following it will make it a lot easier to avoid overpacking (also don’t forget to bring laundry detergent so you can rewash your outfits!)

10. Only Pack the Necessities

Just because you have a hunch it might be cold, don’t pack something heavier than a light jacket for your beach vacation. Make sure you’re only bringing the necessities of what you will need.

If you’re planning to go somewhere that isn’t very warm, don’t throw in a pair of shorts just because you might need them!  

I hope you try these tips to stop overpacking next time you go on vacation! If you make a plan and stick to it, you shouldn’t have to worry about overpacking! 

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