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Genius Ways to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Genius Ways to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Nothing is worse than going on vacation and getting sick because you picked up something at the airport.

If you’ve experienced getting sick on vacation or right after getting back from vacation, you know it’s not fun!

I’ve been there. And I’m excited to share with you my best tips to avoid getting sick while traveling!

Disinfect Everything

When you get on the plane make sure you wipe down your chair, armrest, seat belt, tray table, the back of the chair in front of you, the air conditioner, and light buttons above your seat, basically everything you touch.

You don’t know who sat there before you and how well the crew wiped down the chairs. I’m sure they’re doing their best, but they have a lot of seats to disinfect and a short amount of time to get it done.

Or if you’re taking a road trip, make sure you disinfect common surfaces in your hotel room, like light switches, remotes, door knobs, etc.

I always make sure I keep a travel pack of disinfecting wipes in my carry-on bag, which I talk more about my carry-on bag essentials in this post here, so that I never forget to bring them with me and can easily wipe down the area around me when I’m traveling!

Wash your Hands Frequently

Even if you aren’t using the toilet, I recommend stopping by the bathroom to wash your hands, after getting through security, before you eat, etc.

The airport can be a germy place and I find that I touch handles and railings without even realizing it, so I always make sure I either wash my hands or sanitize often throughout my day!

This is a great way to kill any germs you might have on your hands and potentially help you avoid getting sick!

Be Aware of What You’re Touching

Speaking of not noticing when I randomly touch stuff in an airport, Be aware of what you’re touching! Pay attention to if you touch the water fountain, the armrest of a chair, railings, etc. at the airport, on the plane, in the Uber you took to the airport. Everything.

And always wash your hands after you touch something that you know other people have been touching too.

If you are actively conscious of what you’re touching and it’s something you are keeping in the back of your mind, you will also be able to actively avoid touching those common areas others are touching that you normally would touch without a second thought. Thus avoiding picking up any germs you probably don’t want!

Don’t Touch Your Face

If you make an effort to not touch your face, you are going to decrease your chances of getting sick.

It’s super easy to transfer any germs you have on your hands into your body with rubbing your eyes, itching your nose, or anything of that sort.

I know personally that I am the type of person where if I know I can’t touch my face, my nose or eyes will itch and it’s super difficult for me not to touch my face.

So, if you’re like me, try not to think about it but also make sure you remember not to touch your face, wipe your nose, itch your eyes, etc. Especially while traveling.

However, if you do have an itch you have to scratch or allergies and you need to touch your face, try to wash or sanitize your hands before touching your face!

Disinfect Your Phone

Your phone is one of the dirtiest surfaces that you touch. Dirtier than a gas pump and the toilet seat. Think about it, you’re touching door handles, elevator buttons, all sorts of stuff other people are touching too.

And then you touch your phone several times a day and you get all those germs on it.

So, make sure you are frequently wiping down your phone with a disinfecting wipe.

Bonus tip: doing this also helps prevent getting acne from the oils that get on your phone from your fingers and on to your face if you talk on the phone a lot too!

Stay Hydrated

While you’re physically traveling and while on vacation make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated. It can be easy to forget to drink water or get dehydrated, especially when you’re flying.

Make sure you bring an empty water of bottle with you that you can fill up by your gate and while on vacation so you always have some on hand!

Drinking water will help your body stay healthy and strong so it’s easier for you to fight off any cold and flu germs you may encounter. So always make sure you’re drinking water throughout your trip!

Get Enough Sleep

Along with staying hydrated, make sure you get enough sleep while on vacation. It can be so easy to stay up late and wake up early so you don’t miss anything on your vacation, but getting a decent amount of sleep each night is instrumental in keeping your body and immune system healthy so you can fight off any germs!

So make sure you’re getting a good amount of sleep every night so you don’t wind up catching anything!

Don’t Drink Tap Water

If you are traveling somewhere you are unfamiliar with, don’t drink a ton of tap water. Opt for bottled water instead. This is because the tap water may have harmless bacteria that locals are used to that may cause an upset stomach.

Also, if the tap water isn’t safe to drink where you’re traveling, make sure you also avoid ice in your drinks. The ice can also carry the harmful bacterias the tap water has if it’s not safe to drink!

I hope you learned something to keep in mind next time you travel so you can avoid getting sick!

Pin this and share it so your friends can know what to do too so they can stay healthy while traveling! 

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