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7 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Seasick

7 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Seasick

Do you want to go on a cruise but have the tendency to get seasick? Or maybe you’ve been on a cruise and know for a fact that you sometimes feel motion sick.

I have a tendency to get queasy when I’m on cruise ships, especially if the seas are a bit rocky. 

Seasickness is caused by your brain getting different signals of motion.

Such as your eyes telling your brain you are moving but your inner ear is sending signals that you are not. Thus resulting in you feeling motion sick.

I’ve been on many cruises and I know feeling nauseous on vacation is no fun, so I’m sharing with you my top 7 tips on how to prevent or stop seasickness next time you’re on a cruise!

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So, obviously, medication can help a lot when you are feeling seasick. I always take Dramamine when I start to feel motion sick and it usually helps!

If my motion sickness is really bad, I’ll typically take a Dramamine and pair it with one of the other tips I’m sharing with you in this post!

Acupressure Bracelets

I first heard of these when a teacher of mine was talking about how they helped with her morning sickness.

They are bracelets that apply pressure to a specific pressure point on your wrists to provide nausea relief!

By providing pressure to these specific points on your body, it stops your nausea! It’s so cool! I’ve also heard of people using them for anxiety and insomnia! 

Click here to check out the acupressure bracelets!

Fresh Air

Fresh air is a great way to settle a motion sick stomach. When cruising and feeling a bit sick, I love stepping outside and enjoying the fresh air and the open sea.

It helps take your mind off of your nausea and helps you feel better.

I’ve also found that it helps to be outside when I’m feeling seasick because being in an enclosed space tends to just make my motion sickness worse.

Stare At The Horizon

Speaking of going outside when you’re feeling seasick, stare at the horizon while you’re there.

Focusing on a point that isn’t moving in the distance helps your brain register which way the boat is rocking and can help get rid of your seasickness. 

Full Stomach 

Having a full stomach always helps with my seasickness. I get nauseous when I’m too hungry, and being hungry mixed with seasickness is just miserable.

So, whenever I’m starting to feel seasick, I try to eat a meal or a big snack, which usually takes the edge off of my motion sickness.

Pick a Different Season

If you are getting seasick on your cruises or know that you have a tendency to get motion sick, try cruising during the summer.

Depending on where you are setting sail, go when it’s summer in that region. The ocean will be a lot less choppy and make the boat less rocky.

I’ve found whenever I cruise in the winter months, I tend to get more seasick at the beginning of my trip until I can get used to the rockiness of the boat.

So, if you can, try going during the summer to avoid the rough waves that will make you feel seasick!

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is another way to curb your seasickness. When you aren’t hydrated, you just don’t feel your best. Mix that with feeling motion sick and you’re probably going to be miserable.

So, be proactive in staying hydrated when you’re cruising. Drink plenty of water, avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol, and make sure you limit your coffee consumption! 

Don’t let seasickness ruin your cruise! Follow these tips next time you are feeling seasick on a cruise to feel better and get back to having an amazing vacation! 

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