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Ultimate Travel Guide to Visiting Granada Spain

Ultimate Travel Guide to Visiting Granada Spain

Have you ever been to Granada, Spain? It’s a beautiful city in the south of Spain that is rich in history and culture. There are a number of things you can do in Granada. Like visiting the Alhambra, which was once an Islamic palace and fortress built during Moorish rule. You can also check out some of the other sites like Plaza Nueva or Calle Elvira. There are also plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, and cafes for you to explore as well! We’re excited to share our travel guide on visiting this gorgeous city, so let’s dive in!

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About Granada Spain

Granada is a city and municipality in southern Spain and the capital of the province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

Granada can be found at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and sits at the confluence of four different rivers, the Darro, the Beiro, the Monachil, and the Genil river.

Granada sits at an elevation of 2,421 ft above sea level and is only one hour by car from the Mediterranean coast.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Granada. To name a few of the many activities available, you can visit the Alhambra, go to a Flamenco show, go on a mountain excursion, visit the Biero Palace, and more!

Top Things to do in Granada, Spain

Visit the Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra is a monumental fortress complex. It is one of Spain’s major and iconic tourist attractions and a World Heritage Site.

In order to visit the Alhambra, you can buy a ticket in a variety of ways, including online or in person at their ticket office. There are several different ticket options available, but we recommend purchasing the Alhambra General Ticket which you can purchase ahead of time online for €14. Click here for more information from their website!

Go to a Flamenco Show

Heading up north from Plaza Nueva will lead you to Calle Elvira, an old street filled with shops and bars which lead up to the Albaicin neighborhood. This section of Granada is known for its rich Moorish heritage, flamenco dancers, and cafes.

This area became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 because it has so much history packed into one little neighborhood. If you stop here, you can easily spend the whole day people watching, enjoying the local cuisine at one of the many restaurants and cafes, or even catch a flamenco show!

Mountain Excursions

If you’re up for some amazing views and an adventurous hike, head to Las Huertas de Granada. You will need a car to access this quaint town about 20 minutes outside of the city limits. There is a church from the 16th century and a historic center with small shops and restaurants. This is the perfect place to wander through and enjoy some local cuisine.

Catedral de Granada

This cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries and was magnificently decorated with delicate stone carvings, arches, and pillars. It also features a beautiful grand altar and several chapels and is the 4th largest Cathedral in the world. For more information on visiting the Catedral de Granada, click here!

Visit Albaicin

This Moorish neighborhood was built on the hillside that overlooks the city. This area became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 because it has so much history packed into one little neighborhood. It is best known for its views of the Alhambra Palace, the Church of San Nicolas, the picturesque street of Carrera Del Darro, restaurants like the La Porrona, and much more.

Generalife Gardens and Nasrid Palaces

The Generalife was a summer palace and country estate for Nasrid rulers and it was built in the 14th century.

The Generalife is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and features both Nasrid-period and modern designs. The palace features beautiful grand gardens, palace courtyards, water features, and more.

How to Get to Granada, Spain

By Car

Driving to Granada from any direction is easy because the city is located along several major highways. Driving times range depending on where you are coming from, but it takes around five hours by car to drive from Madrid and about 11 hours from Barcelona.

By Plane

If you are traveling to Granada, Spain via airplane, the closest airports are the Granada Airport and the Malaga Airport. The Granada Airport is located only 12 km away from the city center and doesn’t take as many international flights as the Malaga Airport. The Malaga airport is an international airport that is about a 90-minute drive from Granada. From both airports, you can travel to your accommodations in Granada via bus or taxi.

By Train

Granada has a train station located in Avenida de Andaluces, right in the center of the city. There are multiple trains that connect Granada with Madrid and Barcelona every day. For more information on traveling to Granada via train, click here!

By Bus

The Granada bus station is located very close to the city center and is well connected with both national and international service providers. This makes it easy for tourists to travel around Europe without having to worry about the logistics of booking. From Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville, you can book bus tickets which will take you directly to Granada’s bus station.

Best time of year to visit Granada, Spain

The best time of year to visit Granada is during spring when the trees and flowers are in bloom making the city absolutely beautiful. You can also visit in the summertime when there are festivals going on, although the weather can be hot, with temperatures in the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit. If you prefer to avoid crowds, then fall or winter would be a much better option since it’s off-season for tourism.

Where to Stay

Hotel Hospes Palacio de Los Patos

The Hotel Hospes Palacio de Los Patos is located in the Central District neighborhood in the city center of Granada. It is within walking distance of a number of restaurants and sightseeing spots. The hotel is pet-friendly, has a spa, laundry, air conditioning, free wifi, and more!

Palacio de Santa Inés Hotel

The Palacio de Santa Inés hotel is in the Albaicin neighborhood in Granada located in what is known as the historical district. This hotel is near local landmarks such as the Alhambra, Mirador de San Nicolas, Generalife, and Casa de Castril. The hotel has free coffee and tea available in the hotel’s common areas, free wifi, dry cleaning and laundry available, and soundproofed rooms.

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Shine Albayzin Hotel

The Shine Albayzin hotel is located in the Albaicin neighborhood that is on a river and is connected to a shopping center, as well as within walking distance of a few landmarks. The hotel is smoke-free and has a coffee shop in the common area, as well as laundry facilities, free wifi, soundproofed rooms, and multilingual staff.

Eurostars Catedral Hotel

The Eurostars Catedral hotel has soundproofed rooms, free wifi, parking available, air conditioning, and free wifi. It is about an 18-minute drive from the Granada airport, a 16-minute walk from the Granada station, and is within walking distance of a number of restaurants and local landmarks such as the Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel of Granada.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a vacation destination with plenty of history, culture, and beauty to explore, look no further. The Spanish region Granada is the perfect place to spend your vacation exploring and relaxing in this beautiful city! There are many activities to do and explore in Granada. There’s something for everyone. We hope you enjoyed our travel guide and are already planning your trip to Granada, Spain! Happy travels!