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What You Should Pack for an Amazing Cruise

What You Should Pack for an Amazing Cruise

Going on a cruise is so much fun! However, forgetting something important isn’t.

Especially if you have to pay double the price on the ship for an item you forgot. Cruising is one of my favorite ways to vacation and I’ve been on several throughout my life. 

I’ve composed a massive cruise packing list for you to use when you’re packing for your cruise vacation!

This packing list is composed of everything I think you will need when you go on a cruise. Happy cruising!



ID & Passport

Cash- most port shops and sellers only take cash!

Dramamine/Tylenol/and any medication you regularly use


Documents with hotel info, cruise info, etc. 

Travel Planner I use this one!


Work out clothes


Dress outfits – for going to dinner and shows on the boat.

A formal outfit – most cruise lines have a formal night where they encourage everyone to dress up extra nice!

Dress shoes/heels

Casual clothes – everyday clothing like shorts and tank tops you can wear around the boat during the day!


Theme Night Outfit – some cruises will have “theme” nights and it’s always a ton of fun and encouraged to dress for the theme!

Flip flops

Sneakers – in case you want to workout, hike, or just for walking around on and off the boat.

Non-slip water-proof shoes – to wear on the pool deck and at the beach.

Swimsuit cover-up

Hat & sunglasses

Light jacket


Alarm clock

Chargers for all electronics


White noise machine – if you’re like me and need white noise to fall asleep, I got mine from Bed Bath and Beyond in the baby section! It’s the perfect size to travel with!

Kindle – if that’s where you read your books and magazines

Phone – some cruise ships have an app you can use to communicate with other members of your party if you don’t have cell service.

Headphones – I love listening to music or podcasts not only when I work out on the ship, but also when lounging by the pool and on the beach!

Computer – some cruise ships offer free wifi or you can buy it if you have to stay connected or need to get any work done while at sea.


Face wash



Beach towel – most ships will let you use them for free, or you can bring your own.


Laundry detergent – I always bring this to wash my clothes in the sink and air dry! It’s definitely come in handy too when I stained an outfit I wanted to wear that night!

Toothbrush & toothpaste 

Shampoo & conditioner – Most cruise ships will provide you with shampoo and conditioner but I always bring mine just in case they don’t!

Nail clippers & nail polish – to touch up any chips in your polish you might get





Disinfecting wipes

Aloe Vera gel – in case you get sunburnt. I’m crossing my fingers you don’t, but it can be pretty pricy if you buy it on the ship!

Baby powder – I love using baby powder to get sand off easily after the beach and also to prevent chaffing from walking in the heat!


Playing cards

Empty water bottle

Eyeshade/earplugs – great to use when you’re trying to sleep or if you’re a light sleeper!

Beach bag 

Selfie stick – Asking strangers to take your picture can be awkward, I LOVE my selfie stick. I get great pictures of me and my family that we take ourselves!

Snacks – sometimes you just want a snack before dinner and you don’t feel like getting dressed to run up to the buffet to grab something.

Clothespins – you can dry your clothes on your balcony and also you can use the clothespins to hold your towel down at the pool if it’s windy.

I hope you found this cruise packing list full of everything you will need when going on a cruise helpful!

Comment down below anything else you bring that’s not on my list and pin this for later!

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