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Cape of Good Hope Travel Guide

Cape of Good Hope Travel Guide

The Cape of Good Hope is a stunning seascape that everyone should visit at least once in their life. The views are breathtaking and the cape is full of history.

The Cape of Good Hope is south of Cape Town and is a great place to visit if you are taking a vacation in South Africa. The gorgeous seascape will make the short drive worth it to see the views on the cape.

We’re excited to share our travel guide and everything you need to know about visiting the Cape of Good Hope! Let’s get into it! 

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What Is the Cape of Good Hope?

The Cape of Good Hope is located on the southern tip of South Africa about an hour and a half by car from the south of Cape Town. It is a beautiful spot to visit when you are visiting anywhere in South Africa. 

Despite popular belief, the Cape of Good Hope is not the most southern tip of South Africa. It’s close, but the actual most southern tip would be Cape Agulhas. 

The Cape of Good Hope is one of the great capes of the South Atlantic Ocean and has had special significance to sailors and in history. The Atlantic and Indian oceans meet near the Cape of Good Hope and can be dangerous for ships.

This is due to the warm currents from the east running into the cold currents from the northwest which can result in large waves and have caused shipwrecks in the past.

If you have ever heard of the folklore of the Flying Dutchman, this is where the ghost ship is said to cause shipwrecks of passing sailors. 

It’s a gorgeous spot to visit when you’re in South Africa and one you won’t regret seeing! 

Things to Do There


One of the main reasons you should make a stop at Cape of Good Hope is to take in the beautiful views the cape has to offer. You can view the rocky and mountainous formation of the cape that runs north-south along the ocean.

Cape of Good Hope is within Table Mountain National Park and has walking paths for miles that sit higher up above the ocean that allow you to get a great view of the surrounding area and landmasses. 

See Penguins

If you head up to Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town between February and May you will likely see African penguins. African penguins are only found on the coastlines of South Africa and are an endangered species.

They come and go as they please and would be an exciting site to see when you’re visiting the Cape of Good Hope. Boulders Beach is roughly 46 kilometers or 45 minutes by car from Cape Town. 

Hike to the Lighthouse 

At the top of Cape Point, which is about two miles from the Cape of Good Hope, sits a lighthouse. Climbing up the stairs to the lighthouse you’ll be able to see the Cape of Good Hope from above as well as the surrounding area.

There are also various lookout spots around the lighthouse where you can take in the gorgeous scenery of the coastline. 

Chapman’s Peak Drive

If you are wanting to drive around the cape and take in the scenery you can take a scenic route on Chapman’s Peak Drive.

On the road, you’ll be taken through the cliffs or the capes and will have a great view of the coastline. 

How to Get There 

The Cape of Good Hope is about 70 kilometers from Cape Town which is about an hour and 1 hour and 30-minute drive.

One of the best ways to get there is to rent a car and drive yourself. You’ll be able to go and leave when you want and see all of the sights you’re wanting to see!

You can also go on a tour with a tour company. There are a number of tours that go to the Cape of Good Hope which will take you from place to place but you won’t have control over how long you stop for or be able to really create your own schedule. 

Where to Stay 

You won’t be able to stay right on the Cape of Good Hope but you can stay in a nearby town. The two closest towns are Simon’s Town and Cape Town.

Simon’s town is closer, about 25 kilometers and 30 minutes by car. Cape Town is about 65 kilometers and about a 1 hour and 30-minute drive. 

Best Places To Stay in Simon’s Town

The Grosvenor Guest House 

The Grosvenor Guest House is located in the historical district near the beach. Near this hotel, you’ll find the Cape Point Vineyards, Steenberg Wine Estate, Boulder’s Beach, and much more! The Grosvenor Guest House also has a variety of amenities for guests, such as an outdoor pool, a restaurant on the property, laundry facilities, and more!

Whale View Manor Guesthouse

The Whale View Manor Guesthouse is located near the beach in Cape Town, South Africa. You can spend the day at the beach or in the guesthouse’s full-service spa, or relax in your hotel room. The hotel offers free wifi, TVs, a free English breakfast, laundry facilities, and more!

Aha Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel 

Aha Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel is located in Cape Town, South Africa in the historical district along the waterfront. The hotel is located near beaches where you can go kayaking or scuba diving, as well as near some great hiking and biking trails. The hotel has free wifi, air conditioning, a restaurant, laundry, and more!

Best time to visit 

You can visit the Cape of Good Hope year round and still have a great experience. If you are looking for when the best time to visit the Cape of Good Hope would be during March to May and from September to November.

The summer months, which are December to March in this region, tend to receive the most rain out of the year. South Africa doesn’t recieve a ton of rain, however, summer is when the most rain falls and there is typically a brief afternoon thunderstorm.

Wrapping Up 

The Cape of Good Hope is a historic and beautiful area of South Africa that you should definetely add to your bucket list! Especially if you are already planning to visit South Africa, make sure you stop by Cape of Good Hope and take in the immaculate views.

There are fun things you can do when visiting the cape, such as walk on the paths, hike up to a lighthouse, take in the gorgeous seascape, and even make a short drive to Boulders Beach and see the penguins.

Overall, it’s a visit we can’t recommend enough and we hope we made your planning easier with our travel guide! Happy travels!


Why is the Cape of Good Hope called that?

The first historical account of someone seeing the cape was in 1488 by Bartolomeu Dias, who was a Portuguese navigator. He named it the Cape of Storms.

It was then renamed The Cape of Good Hope by John II of Portugal who named it that because he said discovering the cape was a good omen that India could be reached by sea from Europe. 

What is unique about the Cape of Good Hope?

The geography makes the Cape of Good Hope unique. It is not the southernmost point of Africa, but it is one of the most southern tips.

Close by is the actual southernmost point which is Cape Agulhas which is where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.

The Cape of Good Hope looks out onto the Atlantic Ocean with a gorgeous seascape view, has a mild climate, and is close to Simon’s Town and Cape Town. 

What is the absolute location of the Cape of Good Hope?

The coordinates are 34.3568° S, 18.4740° E