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How to Go on a Cruise on a Budget like a Boss

How to Go on a Cruise on a Budget like a Boss

Do you want to go on a cruise but are on a tight budget? I’ve been on several cruises and I know they can get expensive. However, there are ways to cut costs and cruise on a budget!

In this post, I’m sharing with you my top tips for going on a cruise for cheap! Use these cruise tips next time you book your trip!

Go During Off Times

Book your cruise to be during off-times. Like right before Christmas, at the end of May before school is out, etc.

You’ll want to keep in mind not to book during hurricane season because your trip may not be very fun, especially if you get seasick from the choppy seas!

However, booking your trip for when most people aren’t going to be cruising, or while kids or in school, will ultimately help you get a cheaper rate for your vacation! 

Call For Last-Minute Deals

So, this one is a great tip I wish I could utilize but I live in a landlocked state. But, if you live near a cruise port and can take time off on short notice this one is a fabulous way to go on a cruise for cheap!

You can call the cruise line at the end of the week and see what last-minute deals they can offer you.

The cruise line will often cut costs for last-minute cruisers so they can fill the boat as much as possible and still make a profit. Take advantage of this tip if you can! 

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

Cruise lines will often run sales and promotions that can end up being really good deals.

One of my good friends got a cruise deal that was two for one for her honeymoon during a Memorial Day sale! So they got a cruise for two people for the price of one!

Definitely keep an eye out if you are thinking you want to go cruising for your next vacation! 

Use Outside Sources for Excursions

So, what do I mean by this? You want to use an outside source, like TripAdvisor, to book your excursions and find things to do at the ports your cruise stops at.

If you book through a cruise line it’s often a lot more expensive than if you just used an external website like TripAdvisor for the same excursion!

So before you go on your cruise look online for what there is to do at the different ports and save yourself some money! 

Bring Your Own Toiletries

This one is a great way to cut costs that I always make a priority to remember.

You want to make sure that you pack enough medication like Tylenol or Dramamine, and toiletries like tampons and even sunblock!

If you run out or forget anything you can always buy them on the ship but for a much higher price than you would anywhere else.

They mark up the prices because they know you can’t go anywhere else to get what you need! So, definitely make sure you pack enough of whatever you will need!

Compare Prices

When booking your cruise, you’ll want to do some shopping around to see where you can get the best prices.

Try looking at websites like or and compare those prices to the cruise line’s prices on their website.

Take the time to do a little shopping around and price comparing so that you know you are getting the best deal possible for your next vacation! 

Alright, those are my top tips for cruising on a budget! I hope you use these tips next time you book and go on your cruise vacation to save yourself some money! 

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